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who seek spiritual connection, inner peace, and empowerment in the face of life's challenges

And She Lived IS FOR The women

It's for those who desire to deepen their faith, navigate difficulties with resilience, and find support in a community of like-minded individuals. Whether you're seeking healing from past wounds, overcoming obstacles, or simply striving to live a more purposeful life, ASL offers a welcoming space for women to grow spiritually, connect with others, and find practical solutions to uphold their beliefs.

View your life through the eyes of God.

I'm Scherise Saskia - I'm SO happy you're here!
I'm a Spiritual Mentor, Podcast Host, and advocate for inner peace and spiritual growth


My prayer for this space is that you walk away encouraged in your faith journey, equipped to study, and inspired to continually grow spiritually.

My mission is to empower women to navigate life's challenges with resilience, faith, and grace, ASL is a place of support and inspiration. Grounded in timeless principles and driven by Gospel-driven values, the mission is to cultivate a community where women can find healing, spiritual connection, and practical solutions for keeping true to their beliefs. Through encouragement, shared experiences, and a commitment to uplifting one another, ASL is dedicated to helping women embrace their true identity, live with purpose, and find fulfillment in their journey of faith.

your dream life is a spiritual journey of co-creating with the universe, aligning with your vision, and embracing your true self while trusting in the universe's plan for your path.

CEO + Founder

People often ask me how I got started, 


So here's a little sneak peek of my story. I am a Caribbean woman born and raised in Britain. If you have listened to my podcast, I am sure you clocked the accent, haha. With that being said, it is lovely to virtually meet you.

Six years ago, my life was like a puzzle missing vital pieces – dreams were falling apart, my career took an unexpected dive, and the soundtrack of my life played a constant melody of bills and anxiety. Have you ever felt the weight of hitting rock bottom? If so, know you're not alone. Life threw me an unexpected curveball, and I'm here to share how it sparked a spiritual journey, and ASL is my way of passing on the playbook to you.

Let's rewind to my early 20s, a fresh graduate, making my mother and grandparents proud as I walked up on stage to claim my qualification. But once I came off stage, life changed. Friendships evolved, many girls were settling down, getting pregnant, and my life was just beginning.

Eventually, after a not-so-flying start, I found myself at a tech company, enduring a horrendous commute involving three different trains before reaching central London. I began to wonder, 'how did I end up here?' Muting myself down, facing daily microaggressions, underpaid and doing endless overtime in a job I hated, all while struggling to say no.

My demeaning routine, lack of fulfillment, and daily cries to sleep became overwhelming. I felt stuck. I desired more control over my life, a business to call my own, a chance to make an impact. But I felt trapped in my daily routine.

One day, I was called into my manager's office, and to my horror, I was made redundant. After losing that job, I made it my mission to find another, and it took almost eight months. My new job started me from the bottom again, but I was making money, right?

Promises made at this new job were broken. I stood up for myself, only to be made to feel wrong, stitched up, and eventually sacked. Desperate for a change, anything that didn't involve working for someone else, I started networking hard, eventually founding my marketing agency.

However, I grew to hate this agency over time. Still, I soldiered on until one day, I went to the doctor after popping a blood vessel in my eye from an all-nighter. The doctor warned that my lifestyle was causing high blood pressure. I promised to change but found it challenging until I discovered meditation, yoga, crystals, and vision boards during a treadmill mishap.

I delved into books on manifestation, money, self-love, confidence, mindset, and the law of attraction, determined to turn my vision board into reality. I immersed myself in a journey of manifesting, nurturing, and healing from childhood abandonment and trauma. By the time I reached my early 30's, I had deepened my knowledge in terms of the spiritual realm. And whilst I would describe my spiritual connection as lost in my 20's, in my 30's this had changed. In my 20's although I was reading loads of self-love and educational books, delving deeply into personal development courses and mentorships. I found that this only got me so far. I felt like I was leaning too heavily on external validations and rankings, which left me feeling empty.

I focused on rankings and statuses, which are things we create in the physical realm, but God does not see any of this. God only sees us as souls, as beings. When we define ourselves by these external measures, even in a positive light, we stray from a godly path. In my 30's, I began to lean less on these things. As I delved deeper into spirituality, studying the Bible and other biblical texts, I learned to listen to loving guidance in prayer, rather than just making demands.

Fully committing to this path changed my life. While I can list roles like podcast host, mentor, and mother, none of them bring me as much peace as identifying as a godly woman, a child of God. These are values that truly bring me peace and allow me to see the abundance of blessings around me.

Recognising blessings and taking inspired action, even in difficult times, has been crucial. I remember that God never promised us a perfect life, but He promised us peace through tribulations. This realization helped me accept hardships as opportunities for growth rather than questioning why they were happening to me.

As I continue my journey, creating content, being a mother, and preparing for marriage, I prioritize being a servant of the Lord. This mindset helps me improve in all areas of my life, as I strive to follow God's direction. Along my journey, I've explored various spiritual practices, gravitating towards those that resonate with me the most. 

Finding practices that align with my beliefs and incorporating them into my life has been instrumental on my journey. I believe it can guide others as well.

All the knowledge I've consumed opened doors for me to explore my personal purpose. I want to share this knowledge with you with ASL and its resources. 

Life's journey is a constant uplevel, and sometimes it requires taking inspired action and openly sharing experiences and desires with your god. Take my partner and I, for instance. I expressed a longing for us to move in together, and lo and behold, a proposal followed weeks later. A year down the line, we're homeowners, navigating the exciting world of home renovations.

Upleveling isn't reserved for a select few; it's a mindset shift accessible to all. That's what I'm passionate about teaching – the limitless potential we all possess, the ability to unlock doors with gods help, doors that we thought were sealed shut.

 Keep Your Faith Alive, Every Day, Regardless of your Circumstances and if you need help ✨

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CEO + Founder

13 things you may not know about me...


So, you've stumbled upon my little corner of the internet, and I'm so happy to share 13 quirky things about me. 

1. Pink is my Jam! πŸ’–
Yep, you guessed it. Pink is not just a colour; it's a lifestyle. Even my name is in the pink party – vibrant hot pink, to be precise.

2. Food Love πŸ’–
Got lemons? I've got recipes! I'm not a magician, just someone passionate about turning everyday ingredients into something special.

3. Scarf Obsessed 🧣
I collect scarves like it's a sport. Especially the ones with random gold threads weaved in. Each scarf tells a story. My scarf collection? Pure luxury, darling. ✨

4. Plant Mum 🌿
Gardening is my chill pill. Before purchasing a house with a garden, my flat was basically a jungle.

5. Flight Jitters ✈️
I've got a love-hate relationship with flying. Exploring awesome places is cool, but the whole airplane thing? Not my cup of tea.

6. Lost in Maps πŸ—ΊοΈ
Me and maps? We're not friends. GPS is my knight in shining armor. I've got a better chance of finding Narnia than reading a map.

7. Tea Time, All the Time β˜•
I’m a herbal tea addict. It's my daily Zen moment. If you catch me without a cup, something's definitely wrong.

8. Heart on My Sleeve ❀️
Emotions are my jam. I’m that friend who cries during commercials. No shame!

9. Makeup Evolution πŸ’„
Once couldn't leave the house without a full face. Now? Embracing the au naturel vibe.

10. Shower Singer Dreams 🎀
Wanted to be a singer. Ended up belting tunes in the shower. Still counts, right?

11. Living Room Concerts 🎸
My sister and I were concert organizers in our living room. Legendary childhood memories!

12. Mario Mania πŸ„
Super Mario is my OG love. Those shared controller days with my sister? Epic!

13. Obsessed 🍊
Freshly squeezed orange juice is my kryptonite. Pineapple juice? Hard pass.

Thanks for hanging out and getting to know the quirks that make me, well, me. Stick around for more adventures, laughs, and probably a bit more pink! πŸŽ‰

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