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As a sprtiual mentor, my journey has taught me valuable lessons about the impact of emotional, behavioral, and spiritual wounds that often go unnoticed within us. These unseen hurts have the power to unexpectedly affect not only our lives but also the lives of others around us. Today, we explore the significance of recognizing and addressing these wounds, with the aim of breaking the cycle of how hurting people end up hurting others.

The saying “Hurting people hurt people” has resonated deeply with me throughout my work. As a mentor, I have witnessed many individuals struggling with their own pain and suffering. While the wounds that I encounter may not be physical, they are just as profound, if not more so. In my experience, I have come to understand that “Somehow the invisible pain we suffer can seem like the worst of all pain.”

These wounds can manifest in various ways: emotional, behavioral, and spiritual. They are often difficult to manage, accept, and understand, precisely because they are not always apparent on the surface. Unlike a broken leg in a cast or glasses on one’s face, these hurts remain hidden from the outside world.

Instead of seeking immediate attention, these wounds are often pushed down, waiting for a more convenient time to be addressed. Unfortunately, that time rarely comes, and the wounds continue to fester beneath the surface. Then, unexpectedly, they can erupt like a smoldering volcano, inflicting pain on others, sometimes undeservedly.

In these moments, all the pain, sorrow, rejection, humiliation, and shame that we carry within our hearts find a way to be expressed, often directed towards innocent individuals who had no part in our pain. It is a sobering reminder that hurting people hurt people.

I recall a time when I found myself grappling with frustration and anger. As I attempted to complete my tasks, the anger within me grew stronger and began projecting itself onto someone else in my mind, almost like a game of charades. Yet, there was no one else present; it was just my thoughts and emotions running wild. Despite trying to distract myself, the anger persisted.

It was then that I paused and asked myself, “Why am I so angry?” The answer suddenly became clear: “Hurting people hurt people.”

Underneath the anger, I realized that I was carrying my own hurts. My mental charade of wrath was directed at someone who had unintentionally offended me. However, that person was completely unaware of the internal turmoil I was experiencing.

Though I acknowledged my hurt, I knew I didn’t want my anger to harm others. I recognized the need to confront and heal my own wounds instead of projecting pain onto innocent bystanders.

In pursuit of healing, I sought solace and comfort in a moment of worship and reflection. It was during that time that I discovered ways to mend my hurts and extend grace to myself and those around me. I walked away from that experience with a softer heart, determined to break the cycle of hurt and offer understanding and compassion.

Perhaps, as a manifestation and mindset mentor, you have also come across individuals carrying their own hurts, and you understand the power of unaddressed wounds in affecting others. It is crucial for us all to remember that the words we speak hold immense power, especially when they flow from the depths of our hearts. Unresolved pain and wounds can inadvertently spill out and impact those around us.

Let us continue our journey of healing and self-awareness, seeking empathy and compassion for ourselves and others, for hurting people hurt people.

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Sending golden vibes and virtual hugs,

Scherise 🤍

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