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I never fully understood the power of motherhood until I became a mother myself. It’s an experience that has profoundly changed me in ways I could never have anticipated. Today, I want to share my personal reflections on this journey and the challenges I’ve encountered along the way.

One aspect that stands out to me is how my identity has evolved. Before becoming a mother, I had a certain way of dressing and presenting myself. But now, even after giving birth, I struggle to dress the same way as before. I yearn for simplicity and comfort, opting for dresses with simple silhouettes that make me feel cute, even if it’s not the same as before. Unfortunately, I don’t have a vast collection of such clothing, which has become a source of frustration. It’s interesting how my style has changed, and I miss the confidence I once had in my appearance.

During pregnancy, I surprised myself with how well I embraced my changing body. I enjoyed showcasing my baby bump, wearing summer crop tops and bodycon dresses that accentuated it. I felt like I was blooming and embraced the journey. Sure, there were moments of self-consciousness, but overall, I felt cute. Now, seeing my baby outside of my belly is surreal, and I cherish the experience.

However, there has also been a grieving process. The lack of sleep is a constant challenge. While sleep deprivation is considered normal, it doesn’t make it any easier. I thought I knew what sleep deprivation was during my university years, but the exhaustion I feel now is on a different level. It’s a continuous struggle that affects my well-being.

Another aspect that surprised me is the lack of support for women after giving birth. Though a few family members are involved, I often feel misunderstood and unsupported. There have been instances where I was tired, and instead of empathy, I received comments suggesting that I shouldn’t be tired because that’s what babies do. It’s disheartening when people who cannot relate offer unsolicited advice or dismiss the challenges we face as new mothers. It’s important to surround oneself with a supportive community that understands and uplifts.

Friendships have also changed since becoming a mother. I find myself gravitating towards a different social circle, seeking connections with like-minded individuals who align with my spiritual beliefs and values. While I still maintain contact with certain family members and friends, my energy is spread thinner, and I struggle to keep up with messages and commitments. I’ve become a fan of voice notes, as they allow me to connect while multitasking, but I must admit that I’m not as responsive as I used to be. It’s something I’m working on.

In terms of my business, I’ve realized the need for a different approach. I used to be on multiple platforms, but now, I prefer a more streamlined presence. I’ve shifted my focus towards building a spiritual community and connecting with individuals who share similar experiences. The membership aspect of my business has allowed me to offer support and guidance to others while also providing a space for personal growth and development.

The grieving process has played a crucial role in my journey. It has allowed me to acknowledge the changes in my life and make decisions that align with my new identity and priorities. I’ve come to understand that it’s okay to let go of things that no longer serve me and embrace new ways of doing things. Change is constant, and as we evolve, our needs and preferences change too.

Finding moments of calm and peace amidst the chaos has become essential. I’ve discovered the power of practices like meditation and journaling to calm my mind and center myself. Taking time for self-care has become a priority, even if it’s just for a few minutes each day. These small acts of self-care make a significant difference in my overall well-being.

One of the challenges has been finding time for myself. However, I’m grateful that I now have help with my daughter a few days a week. This allows me to focus on my business more intentionally. I’m considering hiring a cleaner to take care of deep cleaning tasks, giving me more time to concentrate on my business and personal goals. It’s important to recognize that asking for help is not a sign of weakness but an acknowledgment of our limitations and the need for support.

As I reflect on the progress I’ve made, despite limited time and energy, I’m proud of my accomplishments. Launching the membership, updating my website, and up-leveling my content and resources have been significant milestones in my journey. These achievements reflect my dedication and resilience, even when faced with challenges.

Moving forward, I will continue to prioritize self-care and seek balance in my life. I understand that adjustments and adaptations are necessary as I navigate this transformative period. I’m grateful for the joy and fulfillment motherhood brings, and I embrace this journey with gratitude, learning, and self-compassion.

In conclusion, the journey of motherhood has shaped me in ways I never imagined. It has been a process of growth, self-discovery, and learning to navigate new roles and responsibilities. I encourage all mothers to embrace their own unique experiences, honor their emotions, and seek support from a community that understands and uplifts them. Remember, you are doing an incredible job, and it’s okay to prioritize your own well-being amidst the beautiful chaos of motherhood.

Sending golden vibes and virtual hugs,

Scherise 🤍
(Your Favourite Manifestation & Mindset Mentor)

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